A Car Brake Check & Repair

The security of your car is vital, whether it is a GMC or a TOYOTA, even the safest vehicle on earth can have brake failure. If your car's brakes don't work properly, the consequences could be fatal. It is recommended that you have a qualified mechanic check your braking system at least once a year. Most people are not aware of some common signs that your brakes may need to be serviced.

A thorough inspection includes checking:

  • Brake Pad Wear
  • Brake Fluid Levels
  • Rotor wear/warping
  • Brake Lines and hoses
  • Dashboard Warning Lights
Symptoms of brake issues include:

  • Illuminated Brake Dashboard Warning Light
  • Mushy Brake Petal
  • Sinking Brake Petal
  • Unusually Hard Brake Petal
  • Squealing Noises
  • Vibrations When Braking
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